Central New Jersey

Financial Services Company

Forest NJ served as the electrical contractor for this 120,000-square-foot new data center project.

Value Delivered

A financial services company looked to expand its growing empire by building a new data recovery center in central New Jersey. Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) served as the electrical contractor for the 120,000-square-foot building project, which included 90,000 square feet of "white space" and 30,000 square feet for infrastructure, as well as a printing facility and office space.

Client Objectives

The client required a new data recovery center in order to more properly support their growing business.  


Forest NJ was the single-source electrical contractor on this new data center project. The scope of this work was set out in two parts: the infrastructure and the data center.

For the infrastructure, Forest NJ was responsible for installing: 

  • One 28kV distribution switchboard
  • Two 5kV transformers and switchboards
  • Six 2MW generators and paralleling switchgears 
  • Six uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • A hydrogen detection system, a leak detection system, and a heat tracing system

For the data center, Forest NJ was responsible for installing:

  • A complete data center ladder rack and under-floor cable tray
  • Two redundant 48V DC power plant systems
  • 44 power distribution units (PDUs)
  • 800 underfloor equipment outlets
  • Complete emergency power off (EPO) system and electrical power management system (EPMS)
  • Data center lighting and house power

Client Background

This financial services company's professional service, its core product, is the fastest growing real-time financial information service in the world. The New York-based company employs over 9,000 people in more than 125 locations around the world.