Distributed Antenna Systems

Business man looking at his phone while walking in a commercial settingFrom pulling and terminating coaxial cabling to fusion splicing fiber-optic lines, Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) offers a full suite of complex Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions from certified professionals.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve installed more than 100 million square feet of DAS coverage, helping customers receive the uninterrupted network connectivity that their businesses demand. 

Why Choose DAS? 

Reliable Wi-Fi and dependable cellular signal have become necessities for all types of modern businesses. From office spaces and financial institutions to hospitals, educational facilities, and more, DAS systems can provide increased integrity, complete and total coverage of targeted spaces, and added data capacity to the telecommunication networks in a variety of buildings.

Utilizing separated antenna nodes connected to a common source, DAS systems allow for various signals from multiple network carriers to transmit through large buildings without losing integrity. The result is significantly improved voice and data connectivity for the end user. 

Advanced DAS Networks for a Range of Facility Environments 

Forest NJ has experience installing DAS in a range of facility environments and building types, including:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Offices and corporate campuses
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Hotels, casinos, and convention centers
  • Sports venues and stadiums
  • University campuses 
  • Government municipalities

Installation Technologies from Certified BAS Professionals 

Forest NJ utilizes cutting-edge technology to help ensure DAS systems are installed efficiently and effectively. CAD and BIM software helps us plan systems according to unique network needs and layout challenges, while well-coordinated conduit raceways and color-coding helps reduce labor time and simplify installation. 

Our team of DAS installers are highly qualified professionals with expertise in a range of specialty DAS services, including: 

  • Pulling and terminating coaxial cabling 
  • Fusion splicing 
  • Fiber backbone testing
  • Sweep testing
  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) testing 
  • Optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) testing

Additionally, we hold certifications from a number of the industry’s leading vendors, including:

  • Corning
  • JMA
  • Solid 
  • Comscope