Plainsboro, NJ

Credit Suisse - First Boston

As part of a longstanding relationship, Credit Suisse trusted us to execute this data center and infrastructure project.

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) installed a new data center for Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) in Plainsboro, NJ, and we also completed all associated infrastructure work. This project was part of ongoing synergistic relationship between CSFB and Forest NJ.

Client Objectives

CSFB required a new data center to help them manage increased operational needs.


Forest NJ’s scope of work on this project comprised two components—the data center and all associated infrastructure work. This included extensive electrical installation services, including:

  • General power and lighting
  • Fire alarm system 
  • 14 new 225kV power distribution units (PDUs) as well as associated distribution equipment
  • 14 new AC units
  • Complete branch circuit monitoring system
  • Integrated emergency power off (EPO) system
  • Sub-floor leak detection system 
  • Three 750kVA uninterrupted power supply (UPS) modules, batteries, and racks
  • 1750 Kw 15Kv generator

Client Background

Credit Suisse Group is a leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich. As an integrated global bank, Credit Suisse provides services to clients worldwide in the areas of investment banking, private banking, and asset management.