Jersey City, NJ

Qwest Communications

A demanding schedule was met during this large-scale network upgrade and expansion featuring a retrofit and new plant construction.

Electrical room inside Qwest Communications facility in Jersey City

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) engineered and installed an electrical system that allowed Qwest Communications to extend and upgrade its 25,500-mile nationwide high-speed network, helping them expand their capabilities worldwide. 

We leveraged our extensive telecommunications and data center experience to deliver the project according to the client’s demanding schedule, which involved significant overtime and weekend work—including a work schedule of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Additionally, the project was completed without any interruptions to Qwest’s network, helping ensure their clients received the reliability and dependability they expect.

Client Objectives

Qwest Communications, which operated a nationwide high-speed IP network covering more than 25,500 miles in North America, sought to extend and upgrade their network worldwide. Forest NJ was retained to expand Qwest’s network operations in Jersey City.


Qwest’s expansion project encompassed 15,000 square feet of the Jersey City space and was completed in three phases. 

The electrical infrastructure services delivered by Forest NJ included:

  • Retrofitting an existing 4,000-amp plant, upgrading it with 21,200-amp rectifier units
  • Installation of a new 4,000-amp plant
  • Providing power from the new plant to eight, dual-feed distribution cabinets 
  • Running approximately 19,000 feet of 777-mcm diesel locomotive cable

Client Background

Qwest Communications was a major United States telecommunications carrier that provided service to approximately 14 states. In 2010, Qwest Communications was acquired by CenturyLink and continues to operate under that name.