East Windsor, NJ

McGraw Hill

Forest NJ provided full electrical build out services on this data center project.

FENJ technician looking at electrical wires

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) delivered a wide variety of electrical installation services on time and on budget for this data center build-out. Forest NJ’s engineering department produced drawings to facilitate seamless coordination with the project’s other vendors and subcontractors, resulting in optimal workforce utilization that met the owner’s “no overtime” mandate.

Client Objectives

McGraw Hill wanted to provide a high-tech foundation for future business growth which would allow them to deliver an increasing amount of its financial, educational, and business information products digitally and with greater timeliness, security, and reliability.  


Forest NJ provided extensive electrical engineering and installation services during this project, including:

  • Installation of complete electrical grounding grid systems throughout the building, including all raised computer floors
  • Installation of a rooftop lighting protection system
  • Installation of all branch circuiting and connection of downstream equipment
  • Purchase and installation of all lighting, including building-wide control systems
  • Fabrication and installation of all power whips and circuit breakers for three computer rooms
  • Design and installation of a sound sphere public address system
  • Installation of four separate emergency power off (EPO) systems with separate control panels 
  • Installation of two power systems to serve each EPO
  • Installation of a complete fire alarm system, which included installing eight separate pre-action systems in the data center and critical rooms
  • Installation of supplementary water controls, including a well and water chemical treatment system

Client Background

The McGraw Hill Companies is a leading global information services provider that was founded in 1888. The corporation has more than 290 offices in 38 countries.