Piscataway, NJ

DuPont Fabros Substation

Additional value was added to this 69kV substation by helping with checkout and equipment commissioning.

Aerial view of the DuPont Fabors Substation

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) provided electrical engineering and construction services for the installation of a new 69kV onsite substation, as a GMP. Diligent construction management allowed for timely, on-schedule completion of the project’s electrical installation, and Forest NJ added additional value by assisting with the checkout and commissioning process of all the equipment used during the project.

The completed state-of-the-art system helps provide the customer with continued value by adding efficiency to their updated grid and increasing tenant well-being.

Client Objectives

This customer wanted to update their electrical systems in an effort to provide tenants with the most cutting-edge, innovative electrical services available today. The project required a highly proficient electrical engineering company with the expertise needed to reliably integrate multiple power sources from the local utility. 


Forest Electric NJ was responsible for the entire scope of electrical construction services during this project. From setting the steel structure support to installing the complete grid-out system to constructing the metering and control houses, Forest NJ demonstrated their capability to meet a variety of electrical construction challenges. Forest NJ also coordinated closely with Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) throughout the project in order to meet the utility’s strict specifications for the 69kV structure.

During this project, Forest Electric delivered the following:

  • Setting steel structure support
  • 69kV air switches, breakers, current transformers (CTs), and potential transformers (PTs)
  • Three 69kV to 26kV transformers
  • Utility metering house, three switchgear houses, and a control house
  • Medium-voltage terminations
  • Installation of complete grid-out systems
  • Bonding all steel components
  • On-schedule completion as well as checkout and commissioning of equipment

Client Background

DuPont Fabros is a leading owner, developer, operator and manager of wholesale data centers.