EDISON, New Jersey

Confidential Global Data Center Provider #2

Our familiarity with data center infrastructure helped expedite replacement of multiple transformers, breakers, and switchboards cost-efficiently.

Exterior view of client facility

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) replaced multiple components of an aging electrical infrastructure, in support of a global data center provider’s growth plan. Because of our long-term relationship with this client, we were familiar with their capabilities and vision.

This equipped us to coordinate and engineer an efficient and expedited project, reducing the project duration and helping the client save money.

Client Objectives

The client sought to replace their aging electrical infrastructure consisting of substations, medium voltage switchgear, transformers, and their 480-volt in-house electrical distribution system.


As part of this comprehensive upgrade, we replaced:

  • Two primary medium-voltage (MV) substation transformers
  • Three primary MV substation breakers
  • Parallel service entrance gear
  • Two sets of downstream redundant electrical distribution switchboards

We also replaced and upgraded the relay house, coordinated all electrical shutdowns and tie-ins, and tested the new equipment to help ensure proper functionality.

Client Background

This client is a global data center provider specializing in storage and information management services.