EDISON, New Jersey

Confidential Global Data Center Provider #1

Forest NJ installed a 6.5-megawatt rooftop solar field installation, delivering the project on-time and providing engineering solutions to help lower the project cost.

Exterior view of the client facility

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey worked with the design team to provide engineering solutions that helped lower the overall project cost. Working during the winter months was a challenge, but Forest NJ was able to deliver the project on-time by providing technical expertise, task scheduling, and practical solutions throughout the installation process.

Client Objectives

The Client sought to install a 6.5-megawatt solar field on the rooftop of their Edison, NJ location.


Forest NJ installed the entire AC portion of this project, including:

  • One 54-150-amp inverter (provided power)
  • Eleven 800-amp feeders to the distribution boards
  • Two 4000-amp, 480-volt distribution boards
  • Two 480-volt to 13.8-kilvolt transformers
  • Four air switches
  • Two 200amp 13.8KV utility metering cabinets

Client Background

This client is a global data center provider specializing in storage and information management services.