Milltown, NJ

Borough of Milltown

Demanding design, location, and bonding requirements were met for this major power distribution project.

Aerial view of the construction phase during the Borough of Milltown's substation project

Value Delivered

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) worked with fellow EMCOR company Welsbach Electric to win a contract for construction management services on the Borough of Milltown’s new electrical substation project. 

Forest NJ and Welsbach worked within a limited budget mandated by town bond requirements, created a project site that ensured installation adhered to the 500-year flood level requirements, and managed design-build responsibilities for all site, building, and distribution systems.

Client Objectives

The Borough of Milltown set out to construct a new electrical substation that feeds electricity to the town of Milltown, NJ. They required contractors that could work within rigid parameters defined by town bond requirements and spatial/location restraints.


We overcame a variety of challenges at each stage of the construction project with workable solutions, including:

  • Clearing a .75-acre, multi-level site in advance of construction
  • Providing rough site grading to provide elevated tiers as required
  • Engineering and construction of a driveway guardrail system and site stairs, in addition to site driveways, curbs, sidewalks, and site lighting
  • Providing design-build engineering services, including furnishing and installing mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls and screen walls, equipment pads, transformer containment, and blast walls
  • Engineering and construction of an extensive underdrain system for storm water management
  • Furnishing and installing a new 4,035-square-foot, two-story building that utilized poured-in-place concrete, masonry block, precast planking, and pre-manufactured truss construction
  • Final grading and landscaping

In addition to design-build engineering services, Forest NJ also performed a full suite of electrical work, including:

  • Furnishing and installing a new double-ended primary modular substation operating at 26kV, three 16MVA utility transformers, a new 5kV distribution switchboard, new building power, and lighting, control, fire alarm, and intrusion alarm systems
  • Design-build engineering services, including furnishing and installing an extensive site grounding grid system, a new 5kV electrical distribution circuit with ties to the existing overhead 5kV distribution lines, and a control wiring system

Client Background

Incorporated as a borough in 1889, Milltown, NJ has a current population of nearly 7,000 residents over a 1.6-square-mile area in Middlesex County.